Provider Services

Alphascript Specialty Pharmacy understands the specific challenges providers face in assuring patients receive their prescribed specialty therapies. From complete prior authorization support to patient monitoring, we are here to assist as an extension of your front office.

Prior Authorization Support 

We participate in most major insurance plans and contact carriers directly to help expedite the prior authorization process allowing your patients to start treatment promptly while decreasing the amount of provider's time spent on prior authorizations.

Streamlined Prescription Ordering 

Our easy, efficient prescription ordering process includes preprinted forms, dedicated telephone lines, fast and reliable prescription delivery, and personalized patient refill reminder calls.

Regular Follow-up 

We communicate with you regarding patient compliance and adherence so we can address these issues quickly and minimize avoidable medical events that may occur due to non-compliance. 

"Their team and practice are of a quality unsurpassed in the Bay Area, as an RN in a very busy clinic I appreciate each member for the quality and extra lengths they go to supply our population."
- RN