Patient Services

Our partnership begins at the time we receive the patient's first prescription through an introductory call to discuss their treatment plan and provide consultation for their medications. We get to know your patients and work with them to design a comprehensive plan, including disease state management, custom compliance packaging options, and coordinated delivery to assure patient compliance and adherence.

 Expert Pharmacist Counseling Our pharmacists are knowledgeable and experienced with complex medical conditions and the drug regimens used to treat them.

                    Coordination of Benefits We understand and navigate through the complexities of accessing insurance benefits for specialized medications on behalf of our patients. We                           employ cost saving measures such as manufacturer programs and patient assistance programs when available.

                    AlphaPack™ Compliance Packaging Our dose packaging system is easy to follow, convenient, and assures patients stay on track.

                    Custom Prescription Compounding We compound custom medications into oral solutions, suppositories, and transdermal creams when alternative dosing or delivery                                 methods are required.

                    Delivery and Mail Service We offer a variety of delivery methods ensuring safe, timely, and secure delivery. Our shipments arrive discreetly packaged for patient                                         confidentiality.

                    Outreach Calls Patients receive on-going outreach calls prior to exhausting their supply of medication, assuring they are never without their critical medications.

                    Complete Enteral Nutrition and OTC Support We offer a comprehensive line of enteral nutrition products/supplies and a wide variety of over-the-counter items.